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About Us

The brand Some rules are meant to be followed (running with scissors = always a bad idea). But we think there’s way more wiggle room when it comes to design. That’s how we do things at December Made. We create hand-drawn kind of like the ones from your favorite picture books. We take vintage patterns as inspiration and give them a modern twist. We think every color is for every kid - pink, blue and everything in between. Our line is full of functional pieces that play nicely together. So feel free to mix and (un)match with abandon -  because you should get in on this whole “no rules” thing, too.



The designers Leah Caruso and Jisun Aun are cool aunts (just ask their nephews). They created December Made so they’d always have the perfect gift. Every piece is crafted to be something Mom and Dad will love to look at, and kids will love to snuggle up with. Leah is a second-generation antique textiles dealer, which informs her love for vintage fabrics and traditional motifs. Jisun has worked as a graphic designer and illustrator, so she brings a clean aesthetic and a playful sense of design. Together they give December Made a vintage yet modern look that’s all its own.